Meet Grammy winner RENEGADE EL REY, the main recording engineer behind Killer Mike’s acclaimed album ‘Michael’

Lalaa Shepard
2 min readFeb 19, 2024

RENEGADE EL REY stands at the intersection of artistry and technical mastery. Being a multifaceted talent his recent Grammy win for “Best Rap Album” alongside Killer Mike was not just a culmination of hard work, but a testament to RENEGADE’s unwavering dedication to his craft. As one of the main recording engineers behind Killer Mike’s acclaimed album Michael, RENEGADE EL REY played a pivotal role in shaping its sonic landscape as his artistic input assisted in bringing the project to life.

Being an artist, songwriter, and audio engineer, RENEGADE EL REY wears multiple hats within the industry, but his dedication to his own artistry is just as important as working with others on their art. Gearing up to release his own projects RENEGADE has featured collaborations with the likes of Ceelo Green, Killer Mike, Project Pat and more in the pipeline. Behind the mixing board, RENEGADE EL REY continues to push boundaries, infusing his engineering work with a level of creativity that elevates every artist he works with.

As expected, wearing many hats within the music industry isn’t without its own challenges. Despite this fact, RENEGADE manages multiple roles with ease allowing his commitment to excellence and authenticity to shine through; whether he’s penning lyrics, crafting beats, or engineering sessions. As he continues to carve his own path in the music industry, RENEGADE wants people to recognize the sheer grit and determination that fuels his journey; and for those who understand and appreciate his craft, RENEGADE’s work speaks volumes.

From streaming his music on all digital platforms to purchasing his merchandise on his website, listeners can join in on this journey along with him.