T Pain & Usher make amends on stage at Dave Chappelle event in ATL


Last night in Atlanta, GA Dave Chappelle hosted his documentary screening special at State Farm Arena. I already knew it would be packed but it was PACKED asf! Probably a sold out event. I purchased nose bleed seats due to budget but I’ve never been privileged to see Dave Chappelle in person so I had to go, no matter where I sat.

The parking options were limited and traffic was terrible, typical Atlanta though. The lines were wrapped around the building outside of the arena as fans were waiting to get inside the venue. Driving through I was hoping these lines were for people who didn’t have tickets, but I was wrong. The lines moved quickly and the weather decided to be nice so it wasn’t too bad thankfully.

There was a strict no-phone policy during the Dave Chappelle event and they locked our phones up in a bag that we were able to keep throughout the night, sucks for people who locked up their phones prior to double checking their seat numbers if they had their tickets on their phones and not printed. My mom actually attended the documentary viewing last week during his show in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio so I kind of had a heads up on what to expect.

The documentary itself was dope from the parts that I could see. It was chaos in the nose bleeds however so I was a bit distracted here and there. My biggest takeaway from the documentary was how Dave Chappelle was able to bring in big bucks (billions) to his residence in Yellow Springs, Ohio despite hate and criticism from some residents that complain about his presence. Although I never met Dave, I get the feeling that he just wants the people around him to be happy and he loves to create opportunities and to have a good time. Isn’t that what life is supposed to be? Also, Dave is funny ASF! There were so many sentimental moments throughout the documentary and during his live set but his jokes were raw and timely. Dave is going to be Dave, he has a heart but he’s a comedian, he’s supposed to say what we all think but can’t say, he’s supposed to push the limits, Dave is that n**** with all due respect (yes, I have permission to say this).

Another awesome thing I observed is Dave Chappelle’s love for music and how he incorporates music into his shows. My mom told me how he brought out Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, and my fav, Miss Erykah Badu to the Cincinnati show so of course I was expecting the same thing but nope, Dave brought the South to ATL!

Dave brought out Usher, T Pain, 21 Savage, Monica, Jeezy, T.I., Killer Mike, Lil Jon, and 2 Chainz (even though they kept spelling names wrong on the big screen SMH, whoever was responsible definitely couldn’t have been from Atlanta or cultured).

The dopest moment from the concert was when T Pain & Usher FINALLY made public amends on stage. Usher apologized to T Pain for hurting his feelings from past comments stating that T Pain ruined music (for singers who could really sing) by making auto-tune mainstream. At first, when Usher apologized, T Pain didn’t really seem to react, but after T Pain performed a song he accepted the apology and mentioned the importance of coming together as opposed to being divided. We love to see it!!

Black is beautiful, art is beautiful. Appreciate it.

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