The DJ-AOne speaks on DJs undervaluing themselves, Xscape reuniting, Verzuz, men smoking hookah

Lalaa Shepard
1 min readFeb 24, 2024

“This game is so long, you never know who is next” ~ The DJ A-One

The DJ-AOne joins the ladies of The Progress Report Podcast (Lalaa Shepard, Boss Britt, & DJ eXeL) for a new edition of Lunch Table Talk where he discusses coming from a musically inclined family, perfecting his craft since age 12, creating his music learning program called R&B University, DJing for the likes of J-Lo, Muni Long, Lil Jon, Janet Jackson, Kandi, President Joe Biden, and more, the importance of learning the game as a DJ, blowing up off Verzuz, TikTok helping legacy artists music become relevant, and Sexyy Red making pregnancy look easy.


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